K.it Kosher Certification


K.it: The UCEI Kosher Certification Agency

kitis the Kosher certification trademark of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI).

The UCEI is the no-profit organization representing the 21 Jewish communities of Italy and its members, whose thousand-year presence in the country helps to enrich the cultural and artistic heritage.

K.it Kasherut Project

 Since 2010, U.C.E.I. has launched “Kasherut Project ” to promote Kosher certification at national level with the aim of spreading the high quality and originality of Italian products, in the observance of Jewish dietary rules.

“Kasherut”, indicates the set of Jewish dietary laws. Kosher (or kasher) means lawful, appropriate, so, if a product is kosher it means in accordance with Jewish dietary laws prescribed by the Bible - the Torah.

The Kasherut, provides strict control over the ingredients and the entire production chain, making the production process transparent, ensuring high standards of quality. Products that pass these tests get Kosher certification.

The kosher certification has been created to guide the purchasing behavior of Jewish faithful, became in time a way to ensuring quality, safety and product excellence. Kosher certified products acquire an ethical and religious value and they guarantee high quality standards because of strict attention to the production process.

K.it: Kosher certification Made in Italy

 The “Kasherut Project ” aims to spread the Kosher certification of the Italian agri-food companies, organizing and supporting the Kosher certification processes in the country and the promotion-distribution of food internationally certified through the guarantee K.it trademark: the icon of Kasherut certified products Made in Italy.

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has recognized a national interest in “Kasherut Project “, as part of the strategies of development and internationalization of “made in Italy”.

The “Kasherut Project” it is a valuable marketing tool for the promotion and protection of culinary excellence of Made in Italy and the strengthening of the competitiveness of national production in foreign markets.

 In accordance with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development’s patronage, the K.it Kasherut Department UCEI launched a marketing program from 2014 to attend in all the most important food exhibitions to promote and provide K.it Kosher certified products internationally.

 Kosher Market

 Recent studies have shown that more and more people base their choices of food consumption on criteria such as health, food safety, taste, religion, dietary reasons. Many of these people, in particular, look for the kosher certification as a reliable means to ensure compliance with these criteria.

Kosher market, which already represents a multi-billion dollar business, has an average growth rate of 12% per annum. Jews, Muslims, vegetarians, vegans and many others attracted by the promise of an higher quality food from reliable sources.

At the international level, in countries as United States, Israel, North and East Europe rates growth higher and higher, and Italy is a developing market.

K.it Kosher certification, gives everyone the opportunity to taste the Italian and kosher certified products.

 Kosher K.it: The UCEI Kosher Certification Department

UCEI has established a dedicated office, K.it Kosher Department, in cooperation and under the supervision of the Italian Rabbinical Assembly (ARI), internationally recognized for the certification of kosher products.

K.it, with the cooperation of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities UCEI, it works all over the country with a qualified team of rabbis ARI, to assure the selection of the best italian agro-food companies.

The UCEI Kosher Certification Department (Kasherut K.it) based in Rome, works to organize, promote and support K.it Kosher certification.

K.it also consists in a marketing department, operating in the support of kosher certification and to the international promotion of K.it Kosher certified products.

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